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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Congrats to Warriors for 2 Championships in 3: Start of Dynasty That Needed Durant

The Warriors closed it out this season, when they were 3-1, instead of setting an all-time worse of losing a series after leading 3-0.  And with the Warriors 16-1 run through the playoffs, the complaints came out again.

About the Warriors being too good.  About Durant joining a really good team in the first place.  About Durant being soft for joining the team that beat him the year before.  But here is the reality:  they needed Durant to get over the hump.

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Thursday, June 01, 2017

Three-Match: Thoughts on the Warriors and Dominance

Lots of people are unhappy with the 2017 NBA Finals.  Some because it's the same two teams for the first time in NBA history.  More because the dominance of the two teams make the season a joke for all the other NBA teams.  Some because Kevin Durant (what a coup!) joined the Warriors, making the so-called Three-Match more of a mis-match than a re-match, since he is such a great improvement over Harrison Barnes.

Obviously, as a Warriors fan, I'm happy about things.  Don't have a problem with any of this, clearly.  And for all the complaints about the Warriors, I think some key things are being overlooked.

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