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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I like their Direction: Warriors and 49ers

I was going to post this earilier but both were doing well at the time so I thought it would look like I was just jumping on their bandwagon. Now that both are hitting a rough patch, I think it's safe enough to post without looking like a newbie riding the high of a win streak.


Wow, Ellis and Biedrins have been a revelation this season. I had been hoping beyond hope that both of them could do it when their time came and, with Don Nelson now at the helm of the Golden State Warriors, they have been doing it, with Biedrins regularly getting double-doubles as the team's center - Foyle is now just a very expensive backup (but I guess that's OK, he's an erudite and worldly old soul, unlike most of the other spoiled and greedy mercenaries/sociopaths ruining the league).

The Warriors did well early with the favorable home schedule but has crashed down with more road games and poor play. They are, as critics have said, having a worse season than last year in terms of wins and losses. However, there is now the hope that Ellis and Biedrins brings to each game, a hope for the future of the franchise, a hope for 10-15 years (both are, like, 20 and 21 or something ridiculously young), after all these years of misery.

Unfortunately, now there is talk about trading away Ellis for Allen Iverson: NOOOOOO! I don't care about winning now, I would prefer seeing Monta and Andre grow with the team and lead us out of the hellhole that has been the Warriors for so many years. Trade away anybody else on the team, even Baron, but keep the core of Ellis and Biedrins and make sure they are signed for the long term. Unfortunately, there not much cap room and the Warriors are going to have to create room to keep the both of them. Hopefully they can.


The Niners have been down and up and down for the season. Sometimes Alex Smith looks like the #1 pick that he is; mosttimes he looks like the second year player that he is. That's OK with me. Fortunately, Gore is the running back the Niners thought he was and when the old running back was traded, it gave him a place to shine and he has, beating the 100 yard rushing mark almost every game, seemingly.

The defense was very porous earlier, then when defensive changes were made, suddenly they were like wall, stopping the other team cold. Then they haven't been as good again. Down, up, down, two steps forward, two steps back.

Again, that's OK. When a team has gone through the things that it has gone through, I'll take what this year represents: progress over last season. I don't think that I'll be as lenient next season, but the team is still relatively inexperienced and still growing. I'm looking forward to the future. I don't see a bright sunny future, like I do with the Warriors, who have two HUGE finds in Biedrins and Monta Ellis, but the Niners got Gore and the beginnings of a nice unit on both offense and defense, so things are still encouraging.

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