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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Quickee: Thornton and Warriors

Wow, the Sharks had a shocking trade, getting a Top 10 player in the league in Joe Thornton for Marco Sturm, Brad Stuart, and Wayne Primeau. I will miss Sturm and Stuart, but when you get the chance to get a premier player, plus he just signed a three year contract so we got him for the next three seasons, you have to go for the brass ring. On the heels of a 10 game losing streak where the offense was missing, the addition of Thorton turbo boosted the Sharks, as they have now won two in a row, scoring 5 goals each game. Excellent move.

Got to give props to the W-boys of the O-rena, they are 11-6, their best start since going 12-5 in 1991-92 (!!!), a 14 year lapse. And it was their winningest month since March 1992. Dunleavy's slow start after signing his mega-contract has finally given way to a number of good performances. Ike Diogu returned from the injuried to provide stout rebounding and scoring from the get-go, he has been a great acquisition and draft pick, and he should only get better. And this start was hampered by Baron Davis' injury in the first game, though he is now healthy. It appears their final run of the last season where they won all those games was not a fluke. Even Adonal Foyle has gotten into the act, scoring double-double in scoring and rebounds the last two games.

These two teams shows what a blockbuster trade for a disgruntled superstar can do for a team. Hopefully the Giants are taking notes.