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Monday, June 04, 2012

OT: Great Article About a Great Person, Who Happens to be an NBA Player

Not about Bay Area athletes, but Paul Newberry of the Associated Press recently wrote a nice article about Jack Twyman, former NBA player and the great thing he did for a teammate, Maurice Strokes, who was the Michael Jordan of his times until a disabling injury he suffered.  Here is a link to the article (this is the one published by SI; I originally read it in the San Jose Mercury, but unfortunately their articles are put behind a wall eventually so I searched for and found).

Very heart warming story about a tragic situation.  There are few people in life who would do such an act for their co-worker.  Jack clearly was a very special person.  Surprised that it hasn't been made into a movie already, like Brian's Song.  Just wanted to share this story with others, as it is very moving.

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