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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Warriors did it, just not the team I thought

A year ago, if someone said that the Warriors would be tied with the Lakers in wins, you would have thought they were smoking something good....

Well, they did it, they tied a team ahead of them like I was hoping during their win streak (then followed by a losing streak but ending with a winning streak), only the caught the Lakers, who went into a free fall and ended up tied with the Warriors. They couldn't even get it up enough to win either of their last two games, either one of which would have kept them above the Warriors. In fact, the second to last game was against the Warriors and they demolished them by over 20 points.

The Clippers, as I was afraid they would, ended up 3 games ahead of the Warriors.

The Warriors are looking good and looking to get better over the off-season. Chris Mullins will not be sitting on his hands like previous management, even with the way the season ended, with the Warriors one of the top teams in winning percentage. They still need a big man - Foyle doesn't cut it - and Dunleavy and Pietrus play the same position. Given that Baron has taken Pietrus under his wing, and how well Pietrus did under Baron, that suggests that Dunleavy is odd man out, even though he too played better with Baron around. Hopefully his father will give the Warriors some good players and/or draft picks to get his son.


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