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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Who would have thunk B.B.D.? (Before Baron Davis) A 4-4 road trip

Wow, Baron is walking the talk. He said the Warriors would be competitive with him around and he wasn't kidding. A tough 8 game road trip, longest in 10 years, against a number of good teams, and B.B.D. we probably would have been happy with a 2-6 trip, but here we are with a 4-4 trip and the feeling that it could have easily been 6-2 if they could have kept up the intensity.

Not only that but Biedrins has been seeing extended minutes and he hasn't been disappointing so far. Now all they need is a legit center (I guess that is what the salary exception they traded for will be used for since they are way over cap now) and they could be looking to go beyond the first round next year. At minimum, they look to be a playoff spot competitor easily next season.


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