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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Warrior win 8th in a roll against the Suns!

Wow, the Warriors did it again, beating the Suns in Oak-town with a thrilling run at the end of the game to win it running away. The Suns are only the best team in the conference right now, perhaps in the league. That's 8 in a row now and 10 of 11. Too bad the Hornets didn't give him up to us earlier, maybe they could have caught the Lakers. With 6 games left, they are behind the Lakers and the Clippers 3 games each. They got games against San Antonio (home), Denver (road), Minnesota (road), Portland (home), Lakers (home), and Utah (home).
  • San Antonio is ordinary on the road, 19-17. Baron Warriors are hot, Baron Warriors could win.
  • Denver is great at home, 26-10. Baron Warriors probably lose.
  • Minnesota is good at home, 22-16. Baron Warriors could win.
  • Portland lousy on road, 8-29. Baron Warriors should win.
  • Lakers lousy on road, 12-26. Baron Warriors should win.
  • Utah equally lousy on road, 8-29. Baron Warriors should win.

Looking at these, the Warriors have a chance to go 5-1, so the Lakers or Clippers only need to go 2-4 for the Warriors to tie, not impossible given how poorly both has played this season. However, the Warriors are more likely to go 4-2, meaning those teams would have to go 1-5 for them to tie, which is unlikely.

But you have to give it up to the Warriors for pushing this win streak out to 8 now and making it possible for fans to still speculate about rising that high when they could have just played out the string. Gosh, there were 20,000 in attendence for this game (19,000 capacity?!?), so apparently the good times are here again. This sets up things nicely for next year, with a number of young players like Pietrus, Biedrins and Cabarkapa are more experienced and ready to step to the next level.


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