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Monday, January 31, 2005

War-Oh No-iors again

What is jinxing the Warriors? Oh yeah, Cohan! What idiot would exercise his option before the prior owners had secured the services of Chris Webber to a long-term contract? Then the long years of quiet incompetence from Dave Dwardzik and Garry Saint Jean, and the string of head coaches. I guess Adelman has shown that it was the personnel and not his coaching that was the problem. Ironically, he has done it with Chris Webber as his star...

I thought perhaps Mully would be the cure for what ails them with the moves he had been pulling over the past year before he officially took over. However, signing Foyle to that contract?!? I like Adonal but really, that much for a career backup? And now he's sitting on the bench, still a backup but paid like a starter?

With the season pretty much blown by JRich's injury, they should start preparing for the future as Rick Barry suggested on his talk show. Rick suggested that we find out what we got by playing Biedrins more and I agree. He's not going to get better on the bench. Give him more playing time over the guys who are getting the big salaries but who will be gone at the end of the season. He probably should also attend that famous annual "Big Man" training that is held every year by that old Cal coach, Pete Newell, to help develop him.

But the main point is that we gain nothing for the future from playing the established forwards instead of Biedrins. Playing the vets means more wins (don't laugh, potentially, :^) which would mean a worse draft pick. However, the vets will probably be gone after the season so anything that they learn will accrue to the next team. Meanwhile, Biedrins would learn to sit on the bench rather play and perhaps learn something.

I will grant that perhaps he is so overmatched that he would lose his confidence if he played regularly. But he has been in only 4 games for a TOTAL of 21 minutes for the season. Is Dale Davis or Clifford Robinson doing that much more for the Warriors? On a per-minute basis, not much more. And they are the vets, perhaps he would do better with regular playing time. And his learning will pay off in future years whereas these others are short-timers.


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