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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Congrats to the Warriors, Losers of the 2nd Round to Utah

Despite losing 4-1 in the second round to Utah, particularly when they could have been up 3-2 instead with better free throw accuracy, still, the guys thrilled us with an uplifting first round win, the first taste of playoffs and playoff series win for too long a period, and gave us some great, if frustrating, games in the second round. It was quite a Cinderella break through season for Nelly's first season back with us.

I hope they can build upon their great play they had after the trade and Richmond got back into playing shape and not tease us like they did Baron's first (partial) season with us, winning all those games and then playing crappy again next season. They have a lot to look forward to.

Now the nucleus of the team, Davis, Richmond, Harrington, and Jackson has their first season together under their belt, and hopefully will do more next season. Biedrins and Ellis are now the clear long-term future of the club, and hopefully can also do more next season. Barnes had a breakout year that he too can build upon for next season, assuming we still have him, don't know his contract situation. But he's a pal of Baron's so I think he might stick around.

To everyone else, good luck to everyone who ends up with another team, thanks for your contributions to the Warriors, and for those who end up staying, I hope you get more playing time by doing very well.

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