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Monday, May 14, 2007

Back Against the Wall: Warriors Throw Away Another Free One

The Warriors are down 3-1 in their semi-final series and have their backs to the wall. The clock is ringing midnight and the fairy tale coach appears soon to revert back to a pumpkin. They need to win out now and sweep the final three games. And they only have themselves to blame.

They could have won Game 2 with just one timely made free throw instead of 3 misses, two by Pietrus. And this game, oy vey!, 13 (13!) misses, had they had made around 75% of their free throw up to the point they fell behind 7 point when Boozer completed a three-pointer on the line, they would have been mainly leading and at worse close to the Jazz instead. But no, these millionaires can not be bothered to learn how to make free throws because, basically, they don't care to win.

How hard is it to make free throws? Did Shaq make missing fashionable? Wilt the Stilt was known for clanging them but he was derided for that, but today it's no big deal.

Here's the sorry story from Game 4:
  • Harrington missed 2 of 6;
  • Biedrins missed 3 of 4;
  • Davis missed 3 of 4;
  • Pietrus missed all 3 of his.

Jackson missed one but he was a magnificent 11 for 12 from the line. I hope he gets in the other's grill for blowing this game by missing free throws, particularly Pietrus, whose two misses at the end of regulation costed them Game 2. He makes one, we win, but no, missed both of them. And I know they lost by 14, but had they had made just 75% of their free throws, they would not have to be desperate at the end and have to foul and take risks that costed them points given up, they would have been close and could have ran their regular offense instead of having to hurry up and try to score fast and get the ball back from Utah faster.

Another problem was that both Richardson and Pietrus came up small this game. Richardson only scored 7 points in 33 minutes, 3 of 12 from the field. Not that it excuses his poor play at a critical time but at least he's been contributing big all the other games, unlike Pietrus. In this game, Pietrus played 17 minutes in this one, had only 2 points though 3 rebounds and a assist.

He's not playing very well considering he's a free agent looking for a big contract. But, oh yeah, in the NBA they reward crappy play because they are the talents and we are just lucky they are willing to play for us for millions. Hopefully the Warriors can replace the "French Michael Jordan" with someone who can shoot free throws, you would have never seen Jordan missing key free throws at the end of games regularly.

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