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Friday, May 04, 2007

Congrats to the Warriors on Their Stunning First Round Victory

Shades of 1975!!! I don't remember much from that season other than Rick Barry willing the team to victory, much like Baron Davis willing the team to victory in this series, particularly on one leg in the second half of the clincher, after straining his hamstring in the first quarter. They are the first 8th seed to beat a 1st seed since they started having 7 games in the first round.

And the newest member of the Elite Eight still don't know who they will be facing, either 4th seed Utah or 5th seed Houston. They should have a good chance of making it to Final Four, at least better than being in the other bracket and facing the 2nd or 3rd seed. Neither of them scare me that much, but I'm really more a Warriors fan than a basketball fan, so I don't really know those teams that well.

The Warriors are 20-7 now since everyone was healthy and playing together, and clearly is a better team than their record, which was my point in a long ago post, that without JRich, we don't know how good the team could be, but if it was limping along the edge between playoffs and out without him and others, they clearly must be much better with one of the best players in the league back in the lineup, it only made sense. The good thing about him being out was that it gave Monta Ellis a lot of valuable time in the lineup and playing and improving, earning him his most improved player award.

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